Frequently asked questions
How do I get the best price for my item?
Once you start listing your item, you can decide a reasonable price based on the market value, an attractive price, price that can sell. So its all up to you to price your item.
How do I take the best photos?
The easiest way is to take photos as you list using mobile.
Be sure to take photos from all angles and highlight anything you think makes your item special, as well as any scratches or other marks.
Photos taken in natural light with a monochrome background work best – no camera flash or fancy frames.
How do I get my money?
PayPal is a safe and easy way to send and receive money online without sharing your bank or credit card details.
How should I post an item that I’ve sold?
When you list an item, we’ll recommend postage options based on our store prices. You can simply choose how fast you’d like to send your item to your customer.
As soon as your item has sold, we’ll notify you when you’ve been paid and you can get all the information from the marketplace dashboard.